Shot blasting
We have various blasting methods to achieve the correct preparation system for your project.

Our shot blasting facility is a cost effective way to prepare steel and other materials prior to the application of a protective coating. We can remove existing coatings, iron oxide and/or heavy rust from most steel work.

Intake shot blasting and painting offer blast cleaning to suit both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. From preparation to a blast clean for inspection purposes, to cleanliness and profile in conjunction with a multi-coat specification.

Commercial and domestic sectors
Offering shotblasting services for the commercial and domestic sectors

We offer a comprehensive shot blasting service to our customers in the steel, manufacturing and energy sectors. Shot blasting is ideal for steel, ferrous metals ready for inspection, or deep clean.

We even do domestic jobs, removing the rust and paint from items such as your garden chairs to gates and we can even paint them so they look as good as new!

If you have an uneven surface or a surface in need of cleaning then look no further than YCSS.

Wet Painting Services
Wet Painting Services

We offer wet painting services for all metals as a cost effective finishing and treatment system following a primer, undercoat(s) and finish coat process.

Our wet painting is available in a large variety of colours and provides long lasting results for a quality surface finish.